Editing Services

So you wrote something - that's great! Now it needs editing and, while you're normally really good at editing things written by other people, you've just discovered that editing your own writing is really hard. I can help with that. Whether you want to work with me or someone else, make sure you're getting the service you expect. There are different types of editing services that you might need at different points in your work. Below are the ones that I provide.

Structural Content Editing

This should be the first edit you have done on your manuscript as it will examine your characters, plot arcs and world building for anything that doesn't work. This might be a plot hole you've missed, a character that starts acting (or looking) different part way through, or other inconsistencies. Those are just three small examples of things that might crop up in a structural content edit. Some works will need more than one structural edit depending on the level of changes needed initially. 

Copy Editing and Formatting

Copy editing happens nearer the end of the process and is the first step in finalising your manuscript for publishing. It's like a dress rehearsal for your manuscript that makes sure everything is in the right place. At this stage we would look to address any grammatical or spelling issues, and format the manuscript ready for printing. 


Wait, the above sounds an awful lot like proofreading. That's because there is some overlap between the two. In a traditional publication model, the copy (your manuscript) would be worked on by the copy editor and typesetters to the point where it should be good to go to printing. They would then pass the proof onto the proofreader to double check for anything they might have missed. If anyone is quoting you more for a proofread than a copy edit then they're being a bit cheeky because the proofread should be the easiest step in the process as 99.9% of issues should already have been fixed by this stage. 

If you would like to talk more specifically about your manuscript please get in touch using the contact form to arrange a no-obligation discussion about what you need.  Or, just drop me an email - mail@sophieboyce.co.uk