A Change of Scenery

I will be working on a change of scenery in more than one way this week. A lot of time is going to be dedicated to viewing houses as a move is on the horizon. The bulk of this involves more driving than anything else. Once you're in a house it takes very little time to decide whether it's the one or not. Especially so when you have certain criteria to meet - such as an enclosed garden for the dogs and enough room for a gathering of bookcases. 

When I'm not driving across county poking round people's pads, I want to try and get some good pictures taken and uploaded to the site. Everything is looking a little bit bare and wordy and I think some pictures are definitely in order - especially for showing off some of my crafts. This should be a fairly easy task in itself, save for the fact the weather is rubbish (so no good natural light for snapping shots) and when I last tried to upload pictures here it kept spitting them out for being in the wrong format. So there might be some time spent reading FAQs to work out what formats I can upload and how I change the format of my pictures to fit. Oh the joy. 

In other news, in what can only be described as a moment of coffee fueled madness, I joined a group for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and now feel obliged to write a poem every day. It is an obligation that feels heavy and mean, and I've only written one poem so far. Oh well, just 29 to go I guess. 

Keep passing the open windows.

User Error

I should know better. I have worked in offices on computers and websites for years and I'm usually the first point of contact for technical issues before people pick up the phone to IT. But no, I have become the person that raises a support ticket for a simple user error that I should have spotted. 

I've been working hard on updating the site but for some reason couldn't get my changes to upload correctly. I pulled up the F.A.Q. I cleared my history and cache. I tried a different browser client. I tried different machines. Then, when I thought I'd checked and tried everything, I raised the support ticket.

The response? 'We made changes and they uploaded fine. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Have you checked the "site build in progress" holding page isn't activated?' Doh! 

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the back end of the site trying to work out how to turn that blighter off!

Keep passing the open windows.

Website Overhaul

Website overhauls are the worst. The absolute worst. I've lost track of the number of different versions and forms the site and blog have taken, but for the past few years both have been dormant. In an attempt to make the site earn its keep, I've decided that it can't site dormant any longer. 

What does that mean in practical terms? It means me tearing my hair out trying to amalgamate information from different sites I've been using so that it's all in one place. I'm sure this should be an easy job, but it's also a tedious job which means I'm ripe for being distracted by the most useless of things. These include Facebook (of course), a choice selection of games on my phone, catching up on my reading list, catching up on writing projects, and leaving the house to spend time with actual live people. At one point I even opened up Twitter for the first time in weeks. I've even stopped updating the actual site content to write a blog post instead; that's how desperate I am. 

I should be getting straight back to adding the actual site content, but instead I;m going to go and see if I can add a second blog to the site for organising reviews. You know, as you do. 

Keep passing the open windows. 

Update: No, the client I'm using will not allow for a second blog on the site. Excellent. If anyone needs me I'll be curled up in the corner of the room waiting for the world to stop spinning. 

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